RIP Dimebag

That song was actually written before dimes death. The video was made afterwards though. the river is a metaphor for life and all the troubles and hurdles in life that we have to face.

also commemorates the friendship of dime and zakk from when they were kids.

This song was written before DIMEBAG's Death. The video, however was made after, when Wylde decided to use it to commemorate his friendship with dimebag.

If you reflect on the imagery in the video from Zakk's perspective, it really makes you feel like crying... :oops:

r.i.p. Darrell
hi nitrovo, thanx for the vids. somehow the metallica song really fits in with the 1st vid.

hi SherT, the link is dead. care to upload it again? thank you my dear man...

remembered watching Pantera for the 1st time in the Moscow Monster Of Rock. hmmmmmm... the energy was crazy... and i didn't know then, any player can be that tight! i guess he is in a better place now. maybe jamming up there with cliff, jason bonham and layne staley...

another one from me...


r.i.p. Diamond Darrell
Dean guitars.

He used to be with Dean, then went with washburn and in his last year, he went back to Dean and made signature guitars, some which he never got to see as a finished product :(