Requirements for HDB Room Home Music Production Recording Studio


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Hey all, what are the Requirements to create a HDB Room Home Music Production Recording Studio?

I am trying to purchase and use the least number of tools in order to create and sing new musical pieces songs and maybe sell them to music companies and/or advertise them in youtube.

A most advanced macbook pro laptop with logic pro and garage band is the core unit of my setup which I can never do without.

I believe in digital instruments over non-digital ones as space in my HDB bedroom is extremely limited.

I have a single bed, a cupboard, a cabinet which my laptop sits on, a stool, a free-standing fan, a wastepaper bin and that's all the furniture which I have in my bedroom and I don't intend to buy anything more.

My first question is .. are drums necessary to a musician-singer? Isn't it a waste of space and money when drums can be totally replicated with Logic Pro and Garage band?

Also my second question is can guitars be replicated with Logic Pro and Garage band?


I mean, honestly, it really doesn't depends what are you using it for

Haven't produced enough music? Don't spend a lot of money for equipment. Most producers don't even earn until years of experience, let alone artists who are producing for themselves, then selling their originals to record labels.

Digital instruments should be fine. You should look for high quality samples if you do want to do everything digitally. That will be extremely important. If you're interested in trying, Cymatics do offer production sample packs for you to use.
I would recommend for now, an audio interface, and a microphone and a midi controller.

If you're using the least number of tools, then I'd say

- Novation Launchkey Mini (8 velocity sensitive drum pads with midi controller. Super Portable at lower 100s range)
- A condenser microphone (AT2020 would be good for vocals, good condenser mic for $139)
- Focusrite Scarlett solo or 2i2 (audio interface. I find this the most versatile, but you can switch this with others on your own if you know what you're doing)
- M50x headphones, at 228 retail, but on carousell you can find for cheaper

Honestly theres not much else. If you want speakers, research on the monitor/reference speakers on the market with a minimum of 5 inch wide cones. They're the most value for money especially for HDBs as your room sizes wouldn't be big. Along with speakers, buy acoustic baffling panels, which you can search online for, as depending on your budget, you might have different quality baffling panels.

At the end of the day, do consider the fact that
1. Are you going to be earning money from your production, enough to offset what you are essentially going to spend on it?
2. Are you going to be willing to spend the money for a decent studio?
3. How long are you planning to chew out originals for labels to sell to music companies / advertising them on youtube? For most of the journey, you will be paid almost nothing until you get a name for yourself, or someone notices you
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