Remembering 26th Dec...


dear friends, let us take time to reflect on the occurences of 26th Dec 05...

in the midst of this tragedy, S'pore remained untouched by the disaster. lives were lost, property destroyed, families seperated- the future became uncertain for many people who were not in s'pore on that fateful day...

it was heartening to see how the people from the 'little red dot' offered help in various ways to our suffering neighbours, praise be to the spirit of assistance, may it be in perpetuity here.

for those of us who have yet to understand the gravity of a loss, do take time to at least reflect on a probable platform- what if there's a natural disaster here? what if all i've owned are taken away from me in meer seconds? what if the promise of a fortified stand proves unworthy in a real disaster? what if...

this isn't a call not immerse ourselves in sorrow for the sake of empathy but a reminder of the ill occasions which proved elusive to us, time & again.

It's amazingly fast how a year can pass for us Singaporeans while ppl in the tsunami hit countries are toiling to get their homes up. Remembrance to all who'd perished during the disaster.....and a xmas wish of a better new year for everyone around us too.

Also think about the people up in the mountains of Kashmir and Pakistan. It's winter there now. I've been to Kashmir and for most of the year, there's always snow. They only have 3-4 months of summer.

ya, i caught a little of the tsunami report last night on tv. it was heartwrenching. i don't want to say more. but just to say, ya, we cannot take things for granted. singapore has been sheltered from alot of disasters, i hope and pray that this continues.
a merry christmas to everyone who visits SOFT site and especially to all SOFTies of course, and to mr SOFT himself, may 2006 bring you more truckloads of fuel for your journey up and down tuas. may your tank be full and you be flourishing and all SOFTies be well and happy too!
You meant 26th Dec 04 instead of 05 right? :\ I was near the affected place in Malaysia for a holiday, but left for Malacca the day before it struck. It was just a great feeling of relief I can't really express in words. Even though malaysia isn't exactly affected as badly as Aceh and all, people were still killed. So it was quite an eye opening experience while I was still there, meeting some people who claimed to have lost their kins to the tsunami.

I didn't exactly realise how serious it all was, until I returned back to Singapore where everyone got so worried and it was all over the news. :\