reggae, afrobeat & funk startup


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Looking for kindred spirits interested in reggae, afrobeat and funk styles to form a band.

My background: main instrument bass, can play rhythm guitar, budding male vocalist. Played mostly pop - rock - blues for a few years in bands and a handful bar gigs, then Covid pause, now restarting. Happy to be mainly at the bass, but if there's a chance, I'll sing too.

Related / unrelated, I like to play music that's either rhythmically fun. Afrobeat, reggae and funk fit the bill here. I also like songs with fun lyrics. What I mean is for example are songs like these, they have both elements, reggae and humorous lyrics:

whatsapp to nine839 zero826
Giving this a bump! We have guitar and bass covered, still looking for drummer especially, vocals. Other instruments welcome as well!