SOLD RARE PRS SE Angelus Custom Acoustic

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I really do not want to let go of this rare gem but the situation calls for it. Currently already out of production and it’s increasingly rare to find one around. The newer PRS SE Angelus Series pales in comparison to what this has to offer.

Reviewed by jarvis himself:

This is the custom series, meaning it has solid rosewood back and sides instead of mahogany on the standard series. The amazing bird decals on the fretboard is sure to be a head turner. Custom pick guard installed as well making it a one of a kind unique guitar.

FMI saddle installed and setup to perfection by none other than jarvis himself. Tone is crisp and clear with ample bass, overall a very well balanced guitar. It will come with the hard case that came with it.

In addition it is equipped with a world class proprietary pickup system that sounds extremely good. This track is recorded via the pickups on the guitar:

Asking for an extremely low price of $1.2k. Considering that it is better than any taylor or martin at that price range it is a steal! Do not hesitate to contact me at 92321240 for more details or even just for a chat, will be glad to assist you in any way.
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