Quick Thanks, WGB & Ronin.


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Great show today at ACS(I). The showmanship, as well as the music was top class. And I'll have to say those were two of the tightest live acts I've ever had the privilege to watch. You'll have to pardon us for the lack of applause though. Most jokers in the school are music retards and won't clap for anyone beyond Usher or Good Charlotte. :roll:

In no order of importance;

West Grand Boulevard

Bryan: Great vox, as usual, but damn, your poor hat... :cry: :twisted:

Dharma: Nice hair. :lol:

Erik: POPCORN! :twisted:

Jude: Great work. :supz:

John: Wah, your drums a bit the loud ah. Nice work though? :p


You guys were great, explosive stage performance as usual. :supz:

Was it just me, or did the sound guy screw up during "Revolution"? The solo sounded cut-off.

By the way, the clown who :butthead:-ed you guys during the set got f***ed by the principal. Hehe. And you'll have to pardon us for the poor audience participation too. Ya see, we're all screwed if somebody does something crazy like flashing the entire auditorium, so we'd rather try and avoid that situation than face it.

Thanks for making the stop at the school, and closing the school semester with a bang. Keep rockin', guys, and we're all eagerly awaiting an encore performance. :twisted:
Precisely, they don't. We should line them up and subject them to tapes of Erik's jokes for two hours each. :twisted:
You can say that again...

"There were 3 pencils and a pen in a penholder. Why did the pen become pregnant?"


Is there a list of which school they have been or going to? I think they might have stopped at my school but I didn't know about it or something because I was not suppose to be in school because of study leave but I was in school and it was a wednesday and the rest had assembly which was odd as assembly is only on tuesday or monday. So, which school did they go to?
hey thanks, we had a blast. i had fun especially because it's my old secondary school and it was nice to come back and say hi to the aunties and uncles who run the stalls at the canteen and meet my teachers. i've also been asked back as a guest lecturer for the Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge) segment of their IB program. so i should be there again in january in the capacity of a lecturer, not musician. i'll have to change my hair. haha.

hm actually WGB might go back to acs(i) to hold a masterclass for kids who are forming bands and want some tips on how bands can improve music and performance. that idea just came up today cause my ex music teacher suggested it. we'll wait and see if our schedule permits and if the idea gets approved. should be interesting!

Ronin was awesome, like they always are. i enjoyed playing with them. we're hitting RGS next friday! so if you're from RGS, here's some early warning. don't skip school next friday. :)
aiyaa.. too bad i'm not in any school. Ronin! wait for me to get into a poly! HAHA. i'm sucha blockhead.
Kaye said:
aiyaa.. too bad i'm not in any school. Ronin! wait for me to get into a poly! HAHA. i'm sucha blockhead.
NO NEED WAIT TO ENTER POLY! Just crash schools! Lol. Or just go to their public gigs! =D
Actually if you really want to, just follow which is the next 'school invasion' venue (next is 4th NOV at RGS). Just PM Levan at 'roninriot' or mail them on their website before hand. I think they won't mind for case to case basis. You can even chat with the band members after they done their soundcheck and have a short R&R before the performance.

Normally the band will be there about 2hours before the actual Power98 talk, to do the setup and soundcheck. You can just go and tell the security you are with the Power98 band. Of course can't have too many lah, its a school function afterall. The band perform after the Power98 talk.

Most of the time is during the noon assembly time at the hall, just come before the assembly time to be safe.

Remember to mail the band and get their approval first, have fun. :wink:
DoubleBlade said:
I hope their School Invasion tour would extend out to the polytechnics as well...

That is possible, if you want to make it real, you gotta make a move. Firstly you have to approach your 'department head' to propose this idea.

The main selling point is that Power98 will send 2 DJs to make a presentation on 'behind the scenes' of a radio station and DJ'ing as a career move. Something like a 'vocation talk'. Ronin is there to complete the 'radio package'.

There are some administrative elements involve which you can mail the band directly to discuss.

The thing about Polytechnic is that the timing is a bit tough to arrange. Different classes timing are all inter-mingled. But if you are creative enough like 'doing it during lunch hour 12-2' or whatever you can come up with. Best if you can band together one of the club to organise it and do some promotion to 'raise a commotion'....hee hee...

This also applies to anyone out there who is interested to have this tour at their school. Be it Sec, JC, Poly, Private or U.

The next year schedule is already in the planning. So you can start planning too. :wink:
after hearing so much about their school invasion success, moi decided to get up 6.30 in the morning and got down to the highly anticipated venue.

got there earlier than mikemann and the band so i chit chat with the security person and i think the discipline teacher. ouch. they spotted me from afar. haiz...

the sound check was quick and easy cause mike is using a digital mixer with recall function. all the routing and eq were set up beforehand. after minor tweaking, the show started with the Power98 DJs presenting the 'Life of a Radio DJ".

SooWei and Jeremy Ratnam were loads of fun.

Both West Grand Boulevard and Ronin did a fantastic show and the audience were superb. We definitely need more audience like them at our local gigs!

*apologies to Ronin, not that i didn't want take your pix but the camera battery went dead. :cry:


more pix here