quick help pls! (audiphile 192)


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i know this is offtopic but...
I just bought an audiphile 192, it arrived, and works (it connected, sintalled fine etc,) the thing is, i cant 'use' it? I dont know where to connect my speakers...PLS have a look at the manual here
and tell me what to do in order to plug in my speakers.. I'm using the plain creativer speaker and the only output i have is the 1/8" green jack...
pls help...
actually ur card is meant to be connected to a mixer and then to monitoring speakers..but its still possible to connect it to ur creative speakers.

what creative speakers u have? digital or analog? 2.0, 2.1, 5.1?

for digital connection..use your s/pdif OUT from soundcard to digital in (DIN) of ur creative speakers..

for analog connection....since ur audiophile got Left & Right 1/4" Analog Monitor Outputs, u'll need an interconnector below so as to combine both individual L & R signal flow to a single stereo jack

the stereo 1/8" jack goes to the Line IN of ur speaker..
by the way..dat is a monster cable one..damn expensive..u can find a brandless cheapo one at sim lim..
You will need 2x1/4" jacks - one left and one right, each going to your speakers.
A few options for you.

1. Change you speakers. Creative speakers are meant for gamers - therefore comes with a stereo 1/8" jack. Get a better pair of speakers.

2. Get an adapter that change your 1/8" to a 1/4". Then you need another adapter to split you stereo 1/4" into 2xmono 1/4" (female to female). Then connect to you card with 2 1/4" cables. You'll have to look around in those audio shops or even places like Harvey Norman.