Question abt Diatonic.


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Hey guys just wondering, i read this in a book but i dunno what it means...

For example, the diatonic intervals of C maj scale is erm... like got this sequence..


Major 2nd

Major 3rd

Perfect 4th

Perfect 5th

Major 6th

Major 7th

then back to the octave... But what do this perfect and major represent? Tone difference or what? sorry super blur. Thanks.
Oh and, sorry one more thing. About Chromatics Intervals. Can anyone please explain to me?

It says er Minor 2nd Minor 3rd Diminished 5th Minor 6th Minor 7th. Their explaination like so chim =/

"Note: 'Bbb' (B double flat) is enharmonic with "A"... bla bla bla"

=/ someone help me :(
Bbb is enharmonic with A...


the flat of B is Bb (A#).
the flat of Bb is Bbb (A).

ditto for the rest. :wink:

not the best explanation i believe, but this should be sufficient.