PRS 513 and multi pick up option guitars


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I read vernplum’s gas attack for the PRS 513. I really like the idea of the flexibility of the 5 single coils, and the PRS quality but wow the price. 8O

A month or so ago I came across the Scala logic which offers both HMb and a single coil system offering 23 pick up combinations still expensive though around $3kUS

Are there any other guitars offering this kind of versatility of pick up selection and sounds?


wow .... its been awhile since your last post.

The few versatile stock guitar models that I can suggest are:

(a) Musicman Steve Morse model
(b) Gibson Jimmy Page LP
(c) Tom Anderson guitar models
(d) Tyler guitar models

An alternative to a new purchase is to mod an existing strat you may have ...

Dan Armstrong wrote a couple of article for GP magazine on wiring options. You may wish to check the link for descriptions on the 6-Sound Tele and the 12-sound Strat.
Thanks for the info guys
Damo, do you stay in whampoa?
No, not me but the Brian May is interesting

Damian, wow .... its been awhile since your last post.

Hey JM it has been a while, too busy playing (and loving) my THD gear. :D I had thought about the Steve Morse and I am a fan of musicman.
I will check out some of the other models
Another guitar of this genre would probably be Parker Fly. It's a very different machine from Nitefly, better piezo, better neck, nice contours.