FS: PRS 513 Brazilian Rosewood 2006 Violin Amber Burst 10 Top


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FS: PRS 513 Brazilian Rosewood 2006 Violin Amber Burst 10 Top $5880

This guitar has been seldom & lightly played as I usually play my PRS CE22.
There are a few surface swirls that can be seen if you hold the guitar just right.
There are also a few marks & small dings as shown in the pics. The frets have very little wear. Overall in excellent condition for a 10 year old piece. All the hardware is original except for the Dunlop straplocks (strap included).

It really is an awesome sounding and playing guitar, both acoustically & through an amp.
There are so many tonal options to choose from (13 sounds in all) with a simple flip of a switch. Fantastic playability.

The sale includes the original hardshell case, trem bar, hangtag, instructions, tools and other case candies (s.a. screws & case keys). The case is in very good condition and has some storage wear; all latches are working fine. The pics of the case and case candies will be shown later.

Also, as the neck is wholely made of Brazilian Rosewood, which is an endangered species, obtaining it from the US requires special CITES permit for export, as well as a special permit from Singapore AVA to import. This has so much administrative work and cost that it makes bringing in a brazilian guitar prohibitive.

See attached pics (taken with my phone; looks much more awesome in person) and link.


Here are the specs from the PRS site:

513 ROSEWOOD: 2004 – 2006. Carved maple 10 top, mahogany back, Brazilian rosewood neck and fretboard, 22 (513 fretwire) frets, 25 1/4” scale, 10” radius, 513 neck carve, 513 gold mother of pearl bird inlays, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay with inlaid gold mother of pearl signature, tremolo bridge, new grommet version of the PRS phase II locking tuners, 513 pickup system.

One of our most versatile instruments, 513 stands for 5 pickups and 13 sounds, achieved with an easy-to-use integrated electronics control package, which includes volume control, tone control and two blade switches. One blade switch is a 5-way pickup selector, and the other is a 3-way mode switch that allows you to select between the singlecoil, clear humbucking and heavy humbucking modes.

From the pics, “10 Top” is not being stamped or indicated.
But note that ALL 513 Rosewood models 2004-2006 are 10 Tops and are not stamped.
I have a serial number verification from PRS Customer service confirming that this guitar is a 10 Top.

Here's the Review from Guitar World 2007:

Enter the new electric guitar with five single-coil pickups that, together, offer 13 switchable configurations (hence the 513 model designation). But PRS didn't just drop this new pickup system into an existing guitar design; the 513 also features a brand-new neck shape, incomparable materials and several aesthetic innovations.


THE 513 ROSEWOOD is built around one of the most spectacular necks in the business. It's cut from rare Brazilian rosewood and only sealed with a light coat of linseed oil. For those unfamiliar with this wood, a fine piece of hand-selected Brazilian rosewood is more than just an outstanding looking slab of timber: it resonates with unparalleled warmth and clarity, smells fantastic and feels like the well-worn stock of a generations-old English shotgun.

VERY FEW PLAYERS can afford an instrument like the 513 Rosewood, but if you're one of the lucky few that can pony up the bucks, the PRS 513's fresh Brazilian rosewood neck shape and custom pickup system will reward you with a lifetime of glorious tone, unmatched versatility and pride of ownership.

This is your chance to get and treat yourself for all the hardwork this New Year and get this super rare guitar; you will not be disappointed. Viewing & testing by appointment only.
There will be New CITES Regulations For all Rosewood Species from this year, which will make importation of rosewood even more difficult.
Pls email me at vicmusic2 at gmail dot com.
Serious buyers only pls. I will not entertain minors unless accompanied by an adult.
Thanks, Vic


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