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would u learn an instrument of ur choice from a private teacher who gives individual lessons or music schools such as yamaha who only provide group lessons? why?
One to one. Private teachers.

Better lah, they can go at your speed of learning and like how much you know.

Having a class is troublesome i guess, if you're the better one out of let's say 5? You'll prolly get left out and the teacher will concentrate more on the weaker ones. Haha applies for my sec sch days :D
i dun mind music schools that give individual lessons.

yup i agree that one to one private is better than group lesson

the other thing is that the attention of the teacher is divided among the entire as a result wad u get is a teacher who really wants to produce the best out of u but he/she can't due to other students needs as well....

students in individual lessons tend to learn at a amazingly faster rate as compared to students of Yamaha since they only provide group lessons.haha..i really have something against Yamaha... :twisted:

although once in a while they tend to showcase their "talents" to the public for instance a few weeks ago outside Tampines Mall i bet if their students took 2 years to reach dat kinda standard of playing , then a student taking individual lessons would take about a year to reach that exact same standard...

no offence to all u yamaha students here but i have a few bad impressions on the Yamaha Sales personals all because i wanted to enquire about the yamaha student membership card.... arghhhhhhhhh :evil:
hahahaha. im luckier la lol. never got bad experiences at yamaha before.

but davis... hmmm
lucky for me i got myself a private teacher for piano otherwise if my mom could not have found her contacts thru asking around friends after she moved house from my neighbourhood and into another neighbourhood , i would have no choice but to settle for group lessons at music schools...

imagine 11 months down the road and the only song i knew how to play was mary had a little lamb and baba black sheep :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
DoubleBlade said:
would u learn an instrument of ur choice from a private teacher who gives individual lessons or music schools such as yamaha who only provide group lessons? why?

u noe me, i prefer private lessons AT a music school, wahahahahaha
jeremyrozario said:
DoubleBlade said:
would u learn an instrument of ur choice from a private teacher who gives individual lessons or music schools such as yamaha who only provide group lessons? why?

u noe me, i prefer private lessons AT a music school, wahahahahaha

anything "individual" would be feasable :lol:
sorry to talk about Yamaha again...

i think the Yamaha roadshow outside Tampines Mall a few weeks ago was plain propaganda....

looks attractive outside on the package when u actually open it , it's not so attractive after all...

they give so many attractive packages for music courses combined wif free gifts to attract parents to send their kids for an "broadbased musical education".but in actual fact yes it's a broadbased musical education THAT"S ONLY IF U SO HAPPEN TO BE RARE TALENT OR A CHILD PRODIGY cause there's where the $$$ starts coming in.organising concerts , roadshows , or even international/regional for the not so talented students , they juz dun care about u and will do wadever it takes to make u stagnant in terms of ur grade and especially in grade 1.although u may be ready to sit for the grade 1 exam especially if ur a kid , they will juz say ur not ready to take and u like spend 2-3 years in the school tryin ur very best to make ur teacher think that ur ready for the grade 1 exam and since u're a small kid , u tend to think that the teacher is always right....they use this "delaying tatic" on small kids cause as long as u're studying there u have to pay the monthly fees...

i've know this guy who use to learn the violin at Christofori(another well established music school) when he was in primary school.after 2-3 years in the school , he still could not sit for the grade 1 exam because the teacher there felt that he was not ready for it.he's mom was so frustrated that she immediately pulled him out of christofori and sent him for individual lessons.during the same year , he tooked the grade 3 violin exam and passed it.and now he holds a grade 7 violin cert...
Doesn't Yamaha have private lessons too? I'm surprised that they only have group lessons.

Another thing about private teachers is that their names are at stake. When they register their students for exams, their name is reflected. If their student fails, it also reflects badly on them and gives them a bad reputation. So they will really try to make sure that their students do well - or at least pass exams. Also, you pay more - incentives for them. In a group class, the teachers are paid by their employers. Less incentives.

I remember somebody in this forum works for Yamaha. Any comments?
DoubleBlade said:
sorry to talk about Yamaha again......

have u personally experienced this delaying antic demonstrated by your present/past teachers? it would be prudent to hold your tongue, especially if it's only hearsay.

on a separate note, i support yamaha and their music syllabus because i think it's well thought-out, well-planned, and really gives the learning pianist a good foundation. a pity that most kids lack the self-motivating interest to take an active role in sitting down to study and try to understand their course material. i'd say a larger percentage of them are there in the class because their parents enrolled them.

i was previously enrolled in JMC(junior music course) and JCPC(junior classical piano course). great way to start. from JMC i learnt how to play chords, and how to fit in the chords to a song by ear. from JCPC i picked up music theory, sight reading skills and exposure to masterpieces. these courses were only offered to kids up to age 9 or 10(grade 3), but it made a great difference to us students. even though most of my classmates stopped playing music a few years after due to sheer lack of interest, i remember that almost all of us(who were enrolled in the same time slots for both courses) could play by ear, and none of us ever got anything less than a merit grade for our ABRSM exams.

this, compared to other friends of mine who went down the private teacher route since grade 1 and some could actually fail at grade 1 or 2 (which is really quite impossible!), and can't play anything if they don't have scores in front of them.

group lessons also help to provide a more interactive learning environment, which makes lessons less dull, especially in the beginning stages. however, for personal development into more advanced stages, individual lessons would be better. private also good, esp if the teacher is of quite some calibre.

overall, my stand is that yamaha offers good courses, and if anyone were to ask me for recommendations, i would say my preferred choice of music education is in yamaha music school. :)
DoubleBlade said:
sorry to talk about Yamaha again.....

they have private lessons.. and i agree. their sales staff sucks. behave as though they own the entire world. those who had gone down to the warehouse sale will knoe. sheesh. so freakin what if u're the damn staff. can't u treat your customers with a little respect?
well as for me i bought a chinese pop song score book from there and when i brought to the cashier to pay , she asked me whether i was a yamaha student member and i said no.

den when i asked her how do i aquire the student's members card and she somehow refused to reply my question.only after like 10 seconds den she responded me by telling me ,"be a student at yamaha loh" and also gave dat "if u're a member i give u good attitude , if u're not den i give u bad attitude" kinda attitude lah...words can't possibly describe it!!!! :evil:

i went for the yamaha warehouse sale at A-Z building but by the time i got there , the entire place was dead empty except for a few acoustic guitars and drum accessories.did not really experience the wrath of the sale's personal there thou...
stuck up / attitude sales staff are everywhere...

just make it a point to give them back double what they gave you.

Remember the customer is always right.
Seems like this thread is all about Yamaha?...
Hmm... the only thing i remember about being in Yamaha was taking group electric guitar lessons from Spencer Goh 12 years ago. That guy was hilarious :lol:
DoubleBlade said:
would u learn an instrument of ur choice from a private teacher who gives individual lessons or music schools such as yamaha who only provide group lessons? why?

actually yamaha does give individual lessons but I'm not sure if it's good or not. haha.

but I think individual is much better

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