Price list of Gear


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There's alot of reviews out there abt gear, but why don't we share and consolidate info about equipment's prices?

Spread the information so that all the bruddas and sistas dun get cheated.

Maybe we can talk about prices of stomp boxes, guitars, amps and stuff.
Personally let's start with my gear...I dunno if I got ripper off of what
But I got my stompboxes
SD-1: $55 (Swee Lee Sale), I think the current price could be $70 though.
CS-3:$60 (Swee Lee Sale), I think it's mkt px is higher, but suggest people out there don't get this piece of s**t.
went to swee lee wanted to buy MXR Phase 90, after discount he quoted $160 sumthing, few weeks later asked my friend to go there get it for me, he got it for $155 sumthin like that, recently saw the MXR Phase 90 price at WMUM website/forum , only $145!!! :evil: :evil:
I got my SD-1 at $60 2nd hand (though it was only 2 weeks old), but found that it was actually $70 brand new. I thought it would be more expensive since the U.S list price is about $50USD or more..
Alot of electronics stuff is made in Taiwan, so we actually get it cheaper than the Yanks.

And Swee Lee is having 40% off for all BOSS pedals...
i saw ishibashi having their Boss GT8 at 43800 yen. plus shipping shld be about SGD$750. is that cheaper then what swee lee is having? but their POD XT is frigging expensive tho. citymusic much cheaper. hmm..
lol it's you ah? the sd1 is one nice booster though.. can add some chunk to higher gain tones..
i dunno about usin it as a booster, but i noe it does blues real nice, comboed wid mi air norton in e neck, sweet......too bad it juz couldn't produce enuff gain, realli love that pedal tho
BOSS Blues Driver would be a good one to check out if you are a blues-crunch fan... its comparison to the Ibanez Tube Screamer is inevitable...