Preserving Signatures, anyone?


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Alright, I've been wanting to preserve the signatures of certain artists on my guitar. Any recommendations as to what can be used?

I was thinking of using some form of sticky plastic that just pastes over the signatures. I considered laquer but i think it'll smudge and destroy the signatures all together. Do let me know if you've heard of these stuff, or know where to get them. Thanks!
the only thing i can recommend is the sticky plastic tape used for laminating book covers. they come in one huger roll, and a few thinkness if i'm not wrong.

but be careful when u paste the thing bcos if u have 'bubbles' on the surface it won't look nice and u might need to pull it off and restick again. sometimes the signature will come off too! i experienced that with steve vai's signature. hahahahahha! and i don't think it will work well if the surface is curved like an LP or PRS.

u can get them at most bookstores. maybe Art Friend might have a better type of sticker. check with them too! but imho, it will look messy if u have a few signatures and u have patches of clear plastic on the surface of the guitar. but if its at the back of the guitar, then it won't matter.
for those book cover type if u change regularly i guess it wun be a problem.. problem arises only if it's left too long, the ink will stick to the plastic.. :?
actually if you just leave it alone it lasts quite long! too bad ibanez makes headstocks that are too small if not i'd have asked him to sign at the back ahh.
Clear Mylar sheets works best IMHO :) That's what Larrivee, Collings and most independent lutheirs use as clear pickguards on their guitars. I have some available if anybody's interested.

e-mail me at empty71 at hotmail dot com or via my website.
To make it cool and make a point of it, get a piece of thick plexi glass cut and screwed on top, like a shield thing. I think that would look cool.
aside from drilling extra holes, it still has a possibility of dirt and stuff getting onto the sig. on the other hand, if u stick a plastic sheet/book cover over the thing, and some idiot happens to have itchy fingers and rips it off, off comes ur sig too. :( the darn dilemma. besides, as mentioned above, air bubbles = pwned.

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