pop punk/rock band or originals


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interested text me up at 85124580(nurul)

i am female, malay, 16 yr old. am a songwriter but vocals type as common. aint got a raw voice.
looking for people interested to form a pop punk band.
i am into fireflight, good charlotte, greenday, paramore, blink 182,the ckick five, youmeatsix,breaking benjamin,30stm.........
mostly along that genres, i dun mind try out other genres.
positions are open so u can give it a try. dont worry if u are not good as i dun really mind.
cos i aint good either. add me up on fb if u like, idahyu28@hotmail.com

pls take note:
i cant jam during weekends and for now i can only jam on fridays only.
taking my o lvl so mostly i would jam during school holidays.
if u aint ok with dat, i am sry. text me with your name, age and positions wanted.
other info would be an advantage for me to know u better.