Pedaltrain Risers


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Anyone knows where in SG retails this product? Or something similar at least.



Currently using a DIY set-up as my risers/boosters.
Not talked to David yet. Have been reluctant to step into their shop lately (actually for the past 1 year+).
Everything has just been expensive compared to last time. Katong ebenex was the best lol.
Will check out Blackwood.

Need risers cause I prefer the height on the back row to be higher. More convenient for me plus my front pedals are kinda tall.
Hmm I see. Thought of DIY-ing? I've been thinking abt downgrading from a pt-2 to a Jr. Gonna have to lose the way and one OD:(
I DIY-ed a board already dude. But I want a riser cause with my DIY riser it can't fit in the pedaltrain.