Pedal.. that can give a string effect


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Haha my second post about pedals. Need some real expert advice here. Are there any pedals out there that can give a string effect.. ya know, like orchestra-type music.
how about a volume pedal? i know it doesn't give u a plucked then violin effect. but hey, check out the intro of don't cry by guns 'n roses, slash does the violining technique by playing and then turning up the volume knob (also known as volume swell).

i know most people aren't the most prolific in using their pinkies in dexterous stunts to turn the volume knob on the guitar after playing a note (and turning it back for that matter) so a volume pedal is quite handy.

besides, a volume pedal can be a handy solo booster unit as well. :)
volume pedals are abt $80 onwards i think, can get them at ranking sports, sweelee, yamaha, citymusic... the zoom 707ii is a multi-effects pedal, and in my opinion, the erm slow-attack as the effects is called is not very natural sounding, and if you want a real nice violin sound, your better off either getting a dedicated volume pedal or using the 707's volume pedal
schred said:
Strongly advised use the volume knob technique :lol:

+1. Save money on the pedal :D

I hope you're not using a Les Paul or similar with the knobs too far away.
ok just recorded a sample recording with my setup.. not the orchestra type sound, but still having string-like sounds, complete with echoes and stuff. Pardon the horrible quality in playback; i'm using a computer mic in front of my amp to capture this.

yep, if anyone is wondering, that's the guitar part to the l'arc en ciel song. which was incidentally horribly covered by sylvester sim. (even the guitar parts on his version was friggin bad.)

anyway, back to topic, this is a combination of chorus, delay and volume swelling with my guitar volume knob. no picking is required; strings are devoid of pick attacks and we want to minimize that as much as possible. simply slide the string with your fingering hand on the frets and try to capture the feel of the song as much with your volume knob (the volume acts as your dynamics.)

sample settings i'm using:

washburn guitar with PAF Pro on neck -> Moderate distortion for rock sound -> Boss DD3 -> Boss CH1 -> Amp

Boss DD3: Level 2 oclock, Feedback 10 oclock, Delay Time 12 oclock, ~500ms.

Boss CH1: : Level 10 oclock EQ, Rate, Depth 2 oclock.

Lastly, I'm not sure if using an analog delay can achieve the effect. You could try if you own one.