Online Music/Radio!


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Hey guys,
Thought it would be great to share some online music/radio sites... its a must when working at a boring desk job or studying in a Lab in poly... So please, list it in the following order....

1. Name
2. URL
3. Stable?
4. Genre

I have the following...

  1. Snakenet
    Heavy METAL!!!!!
    Caters to pure heavy metal fanatics... but runs the gamut from metal to black to death, everything... Has different bandwidth streams (diff quality) which can be VERY clear.

    HotMetal Radio
    Hard Rock to Heavy Metal
    This is more variety... but for purists, The Darkness doesn't count as anywhere near metal/rock. ;) Anyway, only 1 bandwidth stream.... and when the DJ goes off, there is a set track list being played, not that its bad.. but well, yeah.

Quite stable but this week had some problem with it
Christian Rock..duh

my fav station... although its christian station but alot of the songs are too holier then thou.. quite good stuff to listen for anyone

All the greatest jazz artiste are signed under blue note, they have, behop, swing to jazzfunk . you can listen to a wide genre of music, they have lots of recorded live concert of past rock and punk bands. it is under radio on the BBC websites.