Online "jam of the month" group - jam to stay


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if you are an intermediate instrument player who needs discipline and a supporting community to keep practicing & playing, this is for you.

Idea is very simple:
1. we have a private Wechat group of a dozen folks of the aforementioned profile
2. we vote for a common backing track every month, then everybody is obliged to submit a jamming selfie video to that track within the month
3. As long as you play to it for the length of one verse + one chorus, you are passed for the month. Any instrument, including singing, would qualify
4. Whoever fails to submit a selfie by 6pm, last day of the month, will be removed from the group - a healthy dose of pressure

Current group has about a dozen people, for the past December we have a Gilmore style backing track in Gm. You could check out the submission so far here:

In January we are working on a synthwave backing in Am

pm to participate. cheers