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the music is nice. but its hard to put the singing inside the song...but it sounds abit like young zhang xue you (jackie chan)? hehe...but the bridge and chorus sounds nice and fits in the music well...but the front...i think maybe its alil' too low for you? but there is groove and feel in this song :D. i think its low for you coz it sounds like you are trying too hard to hit the low notes? i am not saying like i can sing well but...yup its still nice the song arrangement and everything *thumbs up* for a chinese jazz attempt :D
hi JamdeltaV

"The dumb waiter" is nice. At first, I wanted to say, "Use a female voice for the vocal, someone that have a cute voice." After listening a few times, i think the male voice is ok also. Just need some work on the singing.

Is the singer playing the guitar at the same time? Cause i feel he is looking at the fretboard and singing at the same time. :lol:
thanks guys, and for the record, i don't sing...hahaha
i will be sure to give my singer the feedback

oh soft, i think my singer got really into the song so he must have sang into the wrong part of the mic.

thanks again,

btw does anyone have any idea how a band like mine playing the songs we do can get some gigs?
Nice song man! The vocal melody sounded a lil familiar of another song I've heard b4 but dono the name lol. But really nice! :wink: