OM : SoFire

hey, your songs are pretty good. I especially like "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".

the melody are nice. singing could be more powerful. are you using some kind of harmonizer? for the guitar solo, could accent on more "on-beat" as it seem a little out of timing.

i would prefer a higher pitch for the snare, now sound like a little towards a jazz set.

need some more mid for the intro. the guitar and the bass fill the highs and lows but there's like not much meat inbetween. the piano part almost fill that empty frequency but due to the arrangement, it didn't come in till much later.

ah, maybe another guitar to beef up the intro?
Yeah...James, Thx for the Input :D Not Harmonizer but Pitch bender, yea i did it on purposes to get more feel as much as i can, because it's slow and it's not 4/4 :) sounds like 4/4 but 6/8 on drums...and it's just a sample so it's not the whole things =) Can send you if you like...about the snare, he's using brush to get the jazzy feelin' so that's why it's sounds like what you've heard.The Piano is only for colour :)

Btw, How much for Eric Johnson, Bro? Are S.O.F.T some kind of official ticket box? would love to see Him! One of the Best!

Again Thx Bro for the Input :wink:
turbochicken said:

you've posted the same thing under 3 different sections.

relax. pple will visit if they want to. :)

2 i guess :lol: forgot already!

Kk...Thx, James will erase it if not in place.