OM: Silencer

wah.... HAHAHAHA sounds damn nice man...

:smt060 :smt055 :smt008
i liked theme of love... can imagine myself.. waiting in a park ...the park is
covered in snow... and my lover doesnt show up... i exhale ...and can see my breath... im holding a hot cup of soup for her to drink..
and i think of all the happy times we had in summer etc...

we like riding on my bicycle..laughing...playing catching at the beach...splashing water at each other .. making her eat sand... wrestling and making her tap out with a arm bar.

then flash back .... back in the snowy park.. she comes... and drinks the soup.. and smiles.. then fade out...

WAH!!!... MTV producer coming right up.
(sorry my mental state is relatively unstable due to extreme boredom at work.)
:smt060 :smt055 :smt008
hahaha glad u enjoyed it.. u like bring ur gf to a park lar. then u put the song in ur NEW POWERBOOK. then u play it while she's like there with you :)
the "Theme of Love" is very nice! If we can get a few musicians together and put the other parts in! WoW!

We start off with the solo piano then after the first chorus, add in the strings and build up with some oh-ahs. Add in drums and bass for the second chorus. Guitar solo, must start with long slow notes and then speed up with extreme emotion! Back to solo piano verse. Drum powerfill and pause... cresendo strings + soaring guitar + octave piano... more oh-ahs.. :smt034
eh shiyan remember what Soft said...we can try to do that... lol..

and in the MTV.. i can be in this park! winter..and these like snow all around me like holding this cup of soup right.....
hahha check back sometime next week.. looking to post up a power piano with drums kinda thing.. maybe like get a few others to add in their parts... :)