OM: Enter Sandman

Could've added the little Em chord thing with the wah at the intro.

Solo was little too fast... But I think you noticed that. Haha.

I've been trying to master the solo... Soon, soon.

But good job at the cover. Try recording the whole song next time.
hey, thx for dropping by. yeah... me always screw up at the solo part when i come to recording, got to overcome tat. will record a full one.. wat song yer playing?
What song? Many... I've been trying out Metallica songs like this one and Fade to Black's intro. It's always the fast parts that I screw up. Really have to practise on my speed. (But lazy. Cannot help)
haha pretty good but is the vocal section a ringtone playing?

I can never get the intro right on ES :(

My fav met song to play, even though I cant play it properly is for whom the bell tolls.

what distortion are you using?