OM: dhalif videos!!!

Excellent work man... I only had time to look at the first vid but from what I see, I could give you a few tips to help with the vid quality/tracking... ;)

Try lowering the brightness/exposure on the cam and use more of the natural light sources around you, that would help in the tracking.

Also if you have a back light option, turn that off since you have enough lighting around you. Speeds up the tracking too.

And lets see.... ah... I think the rest of your settings are pretty fine!

And ya lah, you got to play SLOW then play FAST. Or at least play SLOW, MEDIUM then FAST.

8O sea of lies just rocks a vid of the infamous michael romeo tapping....i want to see!
the tapping.. every time on audio dhalif does it so easily.. and everytime he does it im like WTF!!! 8O 8O 8O