OM: covere of thunder march

pretty good! your first OM I presume?
I was gonna do this track too, but you beat me to it haha..
one of my fave songs from one of my fave guitarists.
well i was thinking of doing another cover, Vai's Tender Surrender, wondering where to get a backing track?
someone like to advise me how to go about doing it leh?
i havent got to check out ur thunder march yet, somehow there seems to be a problem wiht soundclick.. it says the song hasnt been cleared yet.. anyways, ill check again later.

a good website to find that tender surrender bt is
u can find alot of bts there.
ok ive just heard it. very nice playing!... ur chops are good! some fast runs could do a little work, but most of it is very very nice.. great job!
cannot download

hi there...
i was so happy to see someone to cover thunder march.
1 of my fav songs too!!

anyway to my dismay.... i cannot download at all when i click on the mp3 file
the link works but i got the messenge "download not cleared, pls check back tomolo"

can u repost it?? maybe at
hmm.. i also dun know why. but can be played when i click on lo-fi. anyway, i try figure it out tonight when i get back home.. sorry man.

no problem man..

my com busted also ... so using com at school.... (dont have sound card)
so cannot hear nutz... haiz...
i could only download to my mp3 player to listen...

anyway really looking forward to ur cover of thunder march and especially tender surrender!!!!!

Rock On!

maybe im asking in the wrong forum, but can someone tell me, how come my file at soundclikc cannot be downloaded, only can click on lo-fi leh?