OM: angsty singer-songwriter-ish songs

aielen, you are with a band right? i remember hearing a voice similar at at gig. hmmm...

the songs are very nice. if you are going this direction, maybe can add cello or double bass to balence out the lower registration.
i prefer somebody else to sing it for u. i dunno..maybe some songs doesn't suit ur voice. i dunno how to explain. maybe somebody a bit mature sounding with a fuller, thicker tone and with louder projection. this is juz my honest opinion. maybe its just me.
hi aielen , i liked the songs you wrote and covered... good piano playing ... but the vocals seem abit shrill and kinda opera-ish.

this does call for a more mature sounding voice... something deeper and more grunt..
very nice piano playing and great songs. i like the emotion in your voice. but perhaps add some depth to your voice.. just a suggestion :wink: its very nice... good job
soft: actually i'm not with any band... hmm it's interesting to know i have a twin-ish voice in a band somewhere. thanks for the tip about balancing the registration; i'll keep that in mind when i try to record new stuff soon.

fixit, chanmin, andrewtheshredder: yeah i'm trying to work on adding vocal depth... hopefully i've improved since i made those recordings; they're actually about 1.5 years old. i sort of took a break from music for a year because i was getting overly-obsessed with the piano. heheh if all else fails i'll just write songs for other people to sing. :) or play keyboard in a band or something...

thanks for the comments! this is the first time i've put my songs online; it's really encouraging... i've never really shown the songs to many other people before.