Nord Electro 2 Repair - URGENT


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Hi guys I own Nord Electro 2 (73), and recently having a problem.

The problem is when performing, the patch screen (where the patch number is) starts to wonder and finally it freezes so I suddenly lose sound and unable to change sound. About 2-3min it seems to de-frost itself and I can start playing again, but when this happens it's nerve wrecking in the middle of the song on the stage.

I have few more problems, but this one is the biggest.

I am aware of the dealer Keyboard Theatre and have contacted them but they don't seem to focus on repair at all, and since I love my Nord Electro 2 so much, I need someone to fix/repair it ASAP.

I had a friend (NUS research engineer of mechanics) who opened it up for me and he basically looked at it from electrician point of view (not music repairman), and he solved previous problem, but he is not available anymore.

I am willing to pay what it takes. Please do let me know if you are able to or you know someone who can fix this problem.

Thank you for your kind attention.
I don't confess to be able to fix the issue, but a quick look on Google shows that someone else who sufffered a similar problem with a Nord Lead arrived at the possibility that a circuit connection inside the keyboard is loose, possibly a power input connection interruption.

you can help yourself if you troubleshoot logically:

1) switch on the keyboard, do not connect any cables or pedals to the keyboard, just power cable. do not play on the keys. wait 2-3 minutes, will it freeze?

2) if step 1 doesnt freeze, now try one by one to plug in pedal, RIGHT, LEFT jacks, in different combinations, with playing and without playing. also try playing lightly vs playing heavily.

have u reported this problem to Nord? did they have any suggestions for you?
Thank you!

So sorry I completely overlooked your reply. I'm also trying to contact Sweden to the head office, and also wondering to ask a friend to find out exactly what the problem is - I normally use it with so many power cables in one power extension, so it might be not enough electricity. Will try your strategy to find out.

Thank you again. I'm grateful forums like this exist.