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SOIS (Symphony Of Infinite Sound) Jamming Studio
Geylang Main Road Lor 24 462B (462 3rd floor)
Above Kim Loong Builders

Call : 98627897

Rate Mon – Fri 1000 - 1700 $12/Hour
Mon – Fri 1700 - 2300 $14/Hour
Sat – Sun 1000 - 2300 $14/Hour

The size of the Jamming room is half a basketball court.
Nice ambience. Fully Air-condition.
Drum - Tama 5 piece drum set with Sabian – AA, AAX cymbals
Bass - Hartke 250 watt Head with 2 Laney cabinets 365watt
Guitar - Vox AD100VT Combo, Marshall AVT100 Combo
Vocal - 2 Shure SM58, with Vocal Monitor
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