NECK WARP:Preventions


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I´ve heard that I can´t leave the guitar unstrung coz it´ll mess up the neck,

what about when the high e strings breaks(and no spare string to replace for the moment)?

Another thing that´s been bothering me is the humidity issue. I´ve read that high humidity(in sg especially) will cause the neck to warp pretty quickly.

So what kinda preventions must be taken?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My first take on this issue is to invest in aguitar stand. Don’t lean your guitar against the wall, that’s what many people do & then they complain of neck warp. If your guitar’s headstock is of the angled kind (Eg: ibanez/ epi/ gibson), don’t put it flat on the ground. If it’s affordable to you, invest in a guitar hard case.

I’ve left my guitars stringless & I don’t see neck warping. Maybe they were strung with light gauges…

However, keep your guitars from direct sunlight & air-con. I’ve been to peoples’ places & noticed them leaving their guitars under direct air-con. If you transfer your guitar from an air-conditioned envt to a non-aircon venue, leave your guitar in its case unopened for about 10min, then open the case & let it ‘stabilize’ for a while longer b4 you pick it up & play.

Periodically, sight your guitar’s neck to see if it warps. If it does, tweak the truss rod A.S.A.P.
Thanks for the advice! I´ve got a les paul and i leave it on the floor all the time, with the neck supported by a thick rolled up towel(i place it right behind where the nut is). I believe it´s the right thing to do?

btw how do u inspect a neck for warp? too much backbow?


well, it´s a better idea to have the guitar standing or kept in a fitting hardcase, so as to eliminate any pressure on the neck. As for your case, where you´re resting the neck on a towel with the guitar on the ground, if the towel is rolled too thick, the weight of the guitar body will be exerting a downward pressure on your neck and that´s no good. A good guitar stand is wise. Be careful about your finish and the guitar stand lining, though. Some finishes dun go well with vinyl...

just my 2 cents worth. Cheers!
ditto live33. luthiers are careful not to ´shift´ the weight of the guitar to the neck while working with it when placed horizontally on the work bench. all in all, a guitar stand is a worthy investment.

you can sight the neck from the nut down or from the neck-body joint up. a little concave warping is healthy, aka- neck relief. it prevents eliptical buzz when the strings are plucked. the releif gets excessive when bends are choked, but this isn´t a conclusive check.

a technical measure would be to capo the the first fret & press the string down @ the 14th fret of the G string. proceed to check for relief between the 7th-9th fret. a >1mm relief is a little too generous.