N*de woman guitar


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Anyone want? Certified collectors' item. 8)


The Cadbury Freddy the Frog or something chocolates.


But at least if it were chocolate it wouldn't come with an input jack, :roll:
New! Multi Purpose N*de Woman guitar! Comes with everything you need to make music, but this time, we have something special.

A rubber coated multi purpose input jack for added fun!

N*de Guitars - "Their Use Is Only Limited By Your Imagination"
That is so wrong LOL

My family would absolutely disapprove if i took something like that home :lol:
wah lan hahahahahah... power sia...........LOL.... still rubber input hahaha.. den also a free bottle of lubrication incase the cable is rusty :eek:
True, true.

Rubber because can bend to prevent breakages.

Vibration can remove the dust.

Also, I hear tt input jack can double as a vacuum cleaner. It can suck the dirt off stuff. Multi purpose guitar.