My "i'm back!" thread with GOON


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Hey guys im back. I've been in Sydney for the last month adn have a week left, which explains my absence from the forums and gigs becuase im on a crappy connection. new site looks good aswell james.

Those of you who have studied in Australia will have probably heard of 'goon.'

Goon is the slang name for a box of cheap Australian wine. it cost about $10 for 4 litres of the stuff and is popular among uni students alike.

It's a cardboard box with a very strong silver bag with a small tap where you pour the goon out of.

Now I love this stuff and itsa highlight of ym trips to Australia but I havent seen it in singapore so im wondering if its sold there.

This is what is called a 'goonsack' or 'goonbag' and its the bag with the tap in it.

me drinking goon from the box/tap:

a poor innocent box of goon about to be drunk :D

This is what he call a legend on campus in Australia.:





May I also add, once you goon is gone you can blow up the goonsacks and make pillows or better yet, a couch!
woah~ that is some wicked shit with the box stacking from wall to wall and the faux couch! hehe good to see you back in soft.
JARRODS BACK!! hahaha oh my.. and you didn't bring me back any goon!! sigh.. i SO wanna try it- even tho i know it takes like shiat.. but still. .haha its the experience that counts eh? so drinking anytime soon? or still recovering from the after effects from goon in oz?

peace out, emily xxx
heard it tastes like crap. lol but if ur after something cheap, and with alco content.. then yup..goon.. :)
Emily is on the money.

It's low grade wine.

Think generic vodka and absolut

Last night I was having a drink from the sacka nd my mum walked in with a glass of Moet (exp wine) and I could taste the difference

I'd love to bring some back but it'd be to heavy and 4L is over the allowance right?

It's just like normal wine but not as nice, more bitter and raw if you would say.. heaps of people dirnk it, like adults and things.

It doesnt make you high either, its just like drinking normal wine. I dont get hangovers but i woke up with a sore stomach (liver?).
Emily - watered down? maybe it might depend on what goon your drinking, as they vary in alc %'s

Vaiyen - it gets you drunk :D
yeah dude, alot of my friends hate it. they wont touch it, me on the other hand like it.

a few weeks ago i was wondering around the streets with some mates and i was nursing my goonsack and i walked past the train station and some guys were yelling at me, something about good time and goon or something, i cant remember - had too much goon.

I really really really wish it was in singapore.. noones seen it?
fook man, so cheap lah!!!!!! I recently got addicted to alcohol, trying to quit now, broke my "don't drink for a fortnight" resolution a day after i made "goon" were sold here i'd go crazy sia....wat does it taste like btw? how much %vol alcohol? :D :?