My blues wah jam

Eh nice, but dont wah until so much lah ahhaah. Try it clean or just with OD.

Btw what guitar you using? Is that the Twang feeling? Sorry im a Newbie.
yo man... gotta ease up on the wah-ing... haha no offence but it sounded like donald duck was really pissed at sumthing...

u need to inject more feel into the playing... esp in blues... need to tear each note from your heart... ya know what im sayin?...
Btw cant hear much bends.. More bends more feel. Blues feel man hahaha

The wah cover it up i guess
I am using a Cort X series guitar. Ok will be using the wah
more carefully :)

Actually there's quite some bends, but u'r right, perhaps the
wah make it less obvious. Even the vibrato is not obvious.
I guess my wah control is no good.

Thanks for listening and commenting :D