My Band's Demo ( Seventh Sunday )


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Hi guys, we are a new 3man band , called Seventh Sunday
Im caspar on the guitar, theres the bassist (techun) , drums ( jeremy )

We're Secondary 4 students , ( 16 yrs old for those antischooljunkies )

We've been jamming for 2 months and have recorded.
Personally we've had some very negative feedback thats very discouraging but we hope you guys can give us some more comments and help us to improve our skills cause we are really keen on being better.

Here are the 2 Songs

Seventh Sunday - Angelic Girl (original,bass intro so the vol has to be higher )-->
Seventh Sunday - Superman ( cover of 54Fighting ) -->

Hope to hear from you guys soon!! Please do listen till the end of the song.. REALLY Appreciated.

im so sorry guys my website has exceeded its bandwidth. please holdon i will try to look for places on the internet to uplaod the music.

Sorry for the inconvenience
okay thanks guys Ive done the link problem. hows it now

thanks GuitarNOOB
yeah we're looking for a vocalist

YEAH one more thing
This post serves as a demo for all you singers who wanna join us cause we are desperate for one.
We play music like the above, and respect Audioslave, Bonjovi.
GuitarNoob said:
I find the music OKAY but the vocals is wayyy badd just my opinion

I have to agree with him. Its just that you need to have the "feel" and "energy" when singing. Its missing that. Yeap. But great song.

Singing wise must pump more feeling I agree, but sound like a song from this christian band, United Live.
yup! i love hillsongs, united live, delirious, sonic flood, planetshakers and others! they so rock! 8)
Re: Hmm

neuro182 said:
Yeah man, but they aint really that popular here. But they are good nonetheless.

are u kidding? i think almost all the youth in sg know about hillsongs, planetshakers at least
i dunno but most of them know i think...if u go to FOP every year it's like 16000 youths?

*edit i meant the christian youths :lol:

Yeah la.. of cuz within christian community, they are the big bangers man!

I am waiting for Sonic Youth & Third Day to come.
oh no sorry the Guitarnoob i thought that was your nick. i didnt mean any sarcasm sorry!!

Anyway guys the song was created by my bassist inspired by all day.