music vs school/work


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i've been having problems my schoolwork n always distracted...
many also face this problem too right?wat do u do?this can be a v. bad thing man...

as for those did u overcome this problem when u're still studying?i'm awed by some of ur gears n at the same time,ur jobs...
one way to help is to schedule your playing and studying time. STICK TO IT. of course when exams are near, allocate more time to your studies.

unless your parents are supportive of you becoming the next Clapton or Santana etc...
its all about planning man. im doing my o's this year but im still jamming and playing drums at home. and i can safely say that my grades are a little above average. i only play drums in the evening so by that time id have finished all my school stuff and revision and all so i feel good when i play. i hate jamming or wateva knowing that i still have to complete my work.
wangdexian said:
Whatever has this got to do with Guitar Gear?


in any case, set out a time table, and stick to it. either that, if u really *cant* control urself, ditch the guitar for the few weeks b4 ur exam and study.

me, im taking my O's this yr also, so guitar playing is more or less at a minimum, studies and sleeping take precedence over all else atm :D i usually practice enough to get the fingers working and un-stiffen them, then i put the guitar down. preferably playing more in the weekend.

p.s. really, why guitar gear? shouldnt this be in kopitiam or somethin?
i have managed to not touch my guitar for the past few weeks. intending not to do so until the O levels are over...i could play for hours man...
wah! past few weeks? how to survive 8O i dont touch 2 days fingers start itching liao :lol: also, there was this time i ditched playing for around a month, came back and had sluggish fingers and no more hardskin. veri jiat lat, that time.
whee my hardskin is gone.. thats what happens if you havent been playing.. which kinda sucks.. wish i had payed attention in class beginning of the year.. don't have to catch up so much now..