Hahaha...I use MT2...the pedal that the world has forsaken :smt109
Though I use it as a boost for my for the settings, it really depends on the amp and other pedals you're using it with. I go easy on the 'highs'...I guess the key is the mid freq...

Like the often-used quote..."Tone is in the hands", don't be surprised if the artiste(s)/guitarist(s) you are really impressed with happen(s) to use a MT2 in their setup... :wink:

Bottom line is: what works for me might not be for you, and vice, just experiment and let your ears be the judge :)
I tend to slightly cut the hi, boost the bass and upper mid. Dist is at 2 o clock.

Keep mine in closet for years because of the rough sound, until I got it moded by Keeley.
it's seriously okay playing all the chuggs in metal music.. just doesnt cut when ur in solos.. and its mosquito.
MT2 is the first dist pedal i've ever me its ok.....i agree bout the soloing part......but maybe an equaliser may help during solos??...or add in a tubescreamer??
well i can still get some clarity if the gain is past 12o'clock. just gotta lower the highs and boost the mids a little.