MP3 player vs SONY's walkman hp


hi everyone 8)

i've been seeing lots of great MP3 deals lately & thought that it's time to invest in one. however, a colleague suggested SONY's walkman hp instead, citing the feasibility of carrying a 2-in-1 device instead of having 2 seperate ones on the move. a sensible proposal indeed. however, i've not heard the phone's mp3 tonal qualities & is a little skeptic. please recommend:

*a worthy mp3 player, excluding the iPods & its derivatives, as i've heard them all in use- because i might decide against buying a walkman hp.

*a worthy mp3 hp, SONY or otherwise- because i sense my hp giving way... *yikes*

i hope to read some good recommendations, before i decide to purchase my 18th guitar with the $$$ instead... thanks in advance.
Hi Subversion,

I am using a Nokia 3230, which has a mmc memory card which can be upgraded, the sony MP3 h/p has fix memory, I think at 256mb only. At presnt , I have the Ipod 30 gig video, a creative muju 512 mp3 player. Nokia 3230 has mp3, 1.3 mega pixel camera , which has great quality pictures , a video player and you can use any mp3 music in the phone as your ring tone.

The sound from the Nokia 3230 is good , cannot match the Ipod or the creative as it does not have eq setting , hope this helps you

Hmmm... Sub, a dedicated MP3 device usually has more storage available as well as eq options. Also, you get more play time with a dedicated player than a 2-in-1. Plus, the cost of the dedicated MP3 player plus new phone might be cheaper than that 2-in-1.
Get the SE K750i, wonderful phone with 2mp cam. Buy a 1GB (or 2GB if you're very into mp3) memory stick and you are good to go. Has EQ and all the likes you'll need such as playlist. Maybe get the in ear headset if you're into music.

I have a 20GB iPod and I much prefer taking just one gadget (the phone obviously) out instead of two. The iPod just doesnt feel very comfortable in my pocket. I seldom listen to more than 20 tracks when I go out.
is the iPod over-hyped/ simply good?

i was at SITEX yesterday evening & heard good stuff from Samsung/ SanDisk, which goes for much le$$er than the above-mentioned. anyone with experiences?
I have owned 3 iPods.

1st Gen iPod 5GB, 4th Gen iPod 20GB, iPod Photo 20GB.

The software for iPod is one of the most fuss-free I have had used. I had used iRiver, Creative previously. But I have to say that iPod is overhyped, despite it being an excellent product, there are just as good rivals, namely iRiver and Sony. When you buy an iPod, you are not just buying the functionality, in essence, you are also paying quite alot for the design. I am a Mac advocate, but in this case, reality does show its harsh side.