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just a random question. im turning 18 soon and was thinking of getting bike license. but the prob is, how to carry the guitar when you ride.

reply anyone? :D
?? strap it around yr neck / shoulder or double strap like a haver sack behind yr back ... experiment dude .... fyi if yr guitar is expensive best not to ride with it u buang 1 time u it crack like an egg ... my 2 cents worth hehe
its quite easy.... if ya wanna get a sports bike then its abit diff..... just strap ya gig bag on your back and ride...

the wind resistance will help 'push' the guitar back when you ride....

if ya have a hard case, then......... $2.40 lor.... haha
did that once with an Epiphone. No problems and i didn't feel it getting in the way of my riding, but it does make me feel uncomfortable. Wouldn't wanna do it again.

i was riding a super4-style bike.
I used to strap my aqcoustic guitar on my back with the neck pointing downwards on my yamaha, DT 125cc scrambler long ago. It is the coolest feeling in the world when you are riding on the road with a guitar strap to your back .

i'll rarely carry my guitar ard when i ride, i'll jus leave it in church most of the time cause seems tht the wind resistants will one day damage ur bag & let ur guitar fly in the expressway
so it's definitely not ideal? anyway to strap it at the side of the bike or smth? any dyi masters here? time to invent something! like a guitar holder ona bike lol
omg buy this one


:lol: that the 2005 R1? .... it looks kinda like a facelifted version of the 2004 one. but it looks fierce man. and has more bhp then my car. :)
wa i dont need such a fancy bike.. haha i was thinking of just riding the bike to school when i enter tertiary life next year.. so i thought like if need to bring guitar, is it possible or not.
RXZ is a good transport bike.... its ecomonical too... perfect for a noob in riding.... it can be modified too.....
get a class 3 license instead :lol:
you can even use it to carry your motorbike on it!

you can even have stack amps with you. =X

i wont carry my guitar on the back and ride on a motor's so...what if you fall and there goes ur gibson lespaul or ur ibanez. or maybe it will slip off ur shoulders. a lot of possibilties during unexpected encounter.

then what about ur effects bag? u have a guitar bag on ur back then where will your pedal bag be?