MIJ Boss DS-2


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Hi everyone, I'm selling my MIJ Boss DS-2 pedal. Made in the 80's, very rare and in good condition.

Just a little info on it:
It is rumored that the DS-2 was made used by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in the early 90's but he is linked to a lot of equipment so who knows how reliable this rumor is. In mode I the DS-2 sounds a bit like the DS-1 or the OS-2 in dist mode. Mode II gives a sound more in the direction of the HM-2 or MT-2. The DS-2 production moved from Japan to Taiwan as early as November 1989 so the Made in Japan version is a bit of a rarity.

Letting it go for $200, negotiable if you can deal asap!:)

Contact No. : 93389219



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