Microphone Feedback Problems


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I always encounter annoying vocal mic feedback problems during jammin.
I tried to keep as far as possible from the speaker to prevent mic feedback.
But intermittently it will occurs.

I knew there's ROLAND AF-70 ANTI FEEDBACK & Behringer DSP 1100 Feedback Destroyer/Parametric EQ.

But just for jamming that device is troublesome and expensive if just for jammin

Currently I’am using microphone of AKG D3700Ms Frequency range 70 to 20,000 Hz
For lead vocal and SHURE 8700 Frequency range 50 to 15,000 Hz for back up vocal.
Is there any budget device that can attach to mic or any other simple option to stop
the mic feedback ??
Hi there, make sure your mic pick up pattern(cardiod)does not fall in the speaker range. And avoid adding too much reverb in the voice or increasing the high frequencies too much.

Are u using too much mic in the jamming room? Usually in a jamming studio room the space is much softer..and 2 mic already cause feedback easily. Using 2 mic is the most usage that i recommended. Do not use more than 3 mics unless u r talking abt bigger space. Sometime to solve feedback in a studio u can try this method. Musicians in the studio playing instrument ask them not to level too high so that your vocal level can reach in a way that vocal is 'louder' than other instruments. In this case the overall sound will be good and u will not adjust the mic level too high to cause feedback.

The feedback destroyer that u mentioned doesnt really put into good use.(minimize feedback not much) Not recommended to buy unless u got budget. :)

We only using our own 2 mic coz some jammin studio mic not function very well.

Mic polar pattern: AKG-3700ms mic (Dynamic Hypercardioid Vocal Mic)
while SHURE-8700 (Supercardioid Unidirectional).

Thanks to both of you,for the tips.Yes I thinks need to balance other musical instrument volume and the reverb too.
Will seek for my buddy coorperation to balance the volume for this weekend jammin.
1.) you should study ur mic pickup pattern. Then think about how to place ur speakers. as someone has noted, do not put mics in the speaker range(if you can help it)
2.) Unless u have budget then u get fBK destroyers.
3.) behringer fbk destroyer i think quite slow betta off not using it.( if have budget then go buy sabine cost 1k? or the likes)
SingaPutra, feedback occurs when the signal from the speakers get into the microphone again. it forms a LOOP.

the best way to reduce feedback is to reduce the signal level. word of the day - "Balance".