metronome to recommend?

hey man, if ur serious abt being a gd drummer, save up and get a really gd one. No practice shld be without a metronome. u need a number things when looking for one.
1. a headphone jack. u need to be able to plug it into ur ears cause u really need to hear it clear.
2. sub divisions, u need quater notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, triplets, and 16th note triplets if u can get it.
3.u need to be able to turn down the sound and only see the blinking lights.
4.u need it to be loud
a good click needs at least these 4 things. its the single most impt piece of equipment u need when practicing besides ur hands and brains. if u can get one that can record u thats even better. or one u can program. sayonara
tama one is rather expensive too... try the boss.. i can't remember the model.. got it from swee lee at 42....

it's got quater notes..triplets... 16th... and also 2 claves... super..
Ya, i agree with Blurred that those elements make for a good metronome. Subdivisions are very important. I'd practice turning off the downbeats and only turning up the Accent (beat 1) and the upbeats. Really changed my playing and tightened my time.

For $50 and under, you can get all those features with Accent's own brand of metronome. Accent is located at Jalan Jurong Kechil, near the Shell Station (I think) on the 2nd floor. If I'm not mistaken it's $40 for the Accent metronome. Accent is also the sole distributor for Bosphorus Turkish cymbals.

I think the Accent metronome is like an OEM of the Korg one. You can find that Korg metronome at City Music. Again it has all those features.

Personally I use the Boss DB-88. It has all the above features, withTap as well as Voice counting (very useful for odd meters like 5/4, 7/8, etc...). But I paid quite a sum for it.

I've got a cheap Seiko metronome here. With an output jack and everything you would see from a budget metronome (subdivisions, x/4 time sigs, tap, etc). I simply run it through the speakers and then output it to a pair of earphones which I wear under my isolation headphones during practice. It's loud enough for practice pad rubber burnin' though, so it's all good.

So yes, you don't exactly need a top of the line metronome, but if you can afford one, go ahead! It's no excuse to not own a metronome as a drummer though. It is as important to any drummer as a pair of drumsticks.
man i was thinking abt the getting the boss one, that one is damn good. tama rhythm watch is great man been using it for years now. i'm glad it works for u man, 60 is real gd huh hahaha. i normally get really anal and go up increments of 5 each time. make sure u break 120 cause thats were alot of drummer start to lose time and slow down cause it's too fast for them. cool man
Yeah, heard good things about the Tama Rhythm Watch. 30 presets is great for live shows! My Boss DB-88 only has 8 ':cry:' And doesn't have the backlit thingy, which the Tama does. Sigh... Wonder if the Tama one is cheaper...
yah the rhythm watch is gd, been using it for the past 4yrs, hasn't broken down yet. u know i haven't touched the preset yet, i just write the time sig on my set list and scroll on the tama, i know i know i'm an idiot
finally got a metronome today from sweelee's,
almost bought a seiko one until the guy brought out a boss one and said it fit my budget too after discount.
so i got it at $44.


thanks for all the help.