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Ok I just bought the Ibanez RG370DX(2005 version with edgeIII)

Now i am looking for good pickups that would suit hard rhythm(like chuck shuldiner of death) and melodic solos(like alex skolnick of testament).

1) Bridge postion pickups needed
2) Nice high output pickups
3) Should suit my guitar's basswood body
4) Great rhythm and lead tone
5) do i need an fspaced?

PS- passive pickups only!
IMHO the amp or dist pedal is more significant to getting a gd tone for metal than pickups... If u wanna shape the metal tone more than get an xtra EQ pedal..

But since u r asking for a pickup suggestion then heres my pick for bridge pickpups, Steve's Special, Exolution, Tone Zone and Super Distortion... For the neck theres only one choice for me. Air Norton... Get an F-spaced one for maximum results...

And yes I'm a DiMarzio man...

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may i suggest you get a Duncan Distortion for your bridge. I get an awesome metal tone out of it, if I may say so myself 8)
get a POD XT or a POD XT LIVE... distortion killer.. any kind of metal tone u wan.. u can emulate.. i noe i did.. haha
Cavett said:
IMHO the amp or dist pedal is more significant to getting a gd tone for metal than pickups... If u wanna shape the metal tone more than get an xtra EQ pedal..

this is the best advice- value your amp & other external distortion source before pickups. also, do not conform to the view that only high output pickups would do well for metal-type tone. my Duncan AlnicoII Pro does great leads for metal type soloing & the demure Dimarzio PAF could be a handful when fed loads of distortion- both are non-high ouput units.

on a personal note, i prefer Seymour Duncan in my Ibanez...
it's more in the amps and efx + how u set ur eq.....if i ever had the money....i'll just get a mesa dual rect + maybe 2 or 3 pedals like wah and such coupled with a avg priced'll sound like a pro rig already, hope ya get my drift. correct me if im wrong here softies?
:smt088 Dun liddat leh *lol* I use MT too leh... :lol: heh, but not for metal tone, more of a solo boost. Sounds strange but it's like combining a distortion pedal and eq pedal together (since I don't really have enough room on my pedal case...haha)

Coincidentally, Bethany Curve uses the similar setup of combinating RAT2 distortion with MT :p

I guess it's a matter of settings and the combination used...not forgetting, the pickups, guitar, amps, etc like what you guys have mentioned :)
Seymour Duncan JB, yes pretorian, i agree its very suitable for metal, especially tones close to megadeth's earlier albums. But then again, they're other very famous blues/jazz players using the JB model also...haha... :lol:

personal i find its too trebly, screechy, piercy, harsh... for my taste... but then again maybe im just too dumb to tweak my settings properly. i heard gary hoey is also having a jb on his fat strat, and damn... how heavenly he sounds...
I use a zoom GFX8. Decent for metal.

Anyways I need a bridge pickup only. will upgrade the neck pickup later.
what do u guys think of the bill lawrence L500XL and the dimarzio X2N.
I never had good experience when i owned an MT2. Bought it initially for the heavier chuga chuga metal tones. It was "heaven" at one point of time, but like what many others have mentioned, i guess using it alone for metal ain't good enough. It definitely can't beat a booster through an overdriven amp for heaviness.
dhalif said:
ohhhh boyyy popeye.. tell me ur joking.. please..

samoth from emperor/zyklon uses a metalzone into a jcm800 head i believe...

plus,alot of the absolutely brutal gothenburg/sunlight studios sound lies in a boss HM-2 pedal..just listen to bloodbath's tone and tell me its shit.
popeye said:
metal tone? boss metal zone, definitely :D

I think only way to get a good tone out of metal zone is that if it is modded by Keeley or something.

I would recommend Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 though. If you ever heard of Justin (All Music guitar instructor) using it, the tone he can coax out of it is amazing.
a metal zone is ok if u're prepared to do some tweaking with the eq... i personally find tat it requires no booster to give a gd tone... of course it all depends on wat u call a 'good tone'...