Metal band looking for vox


New member
Hi, we're Wrathbourn and we're looking for a vocalist for covers and originals primarily in the metal genre.

Bands we cover include:
∞ Megadeth
∞ Slayer
∞ Exodus
∞ Black Sabbath
∞ Helloween
∞ Pantera

The list isn't exhaustive as we like to explore songs from other bands as well. We also have our own originals and have 3-4 completed with a few more in the works.

We're in the range of late 20s to mid 30s and don't mind it if you're slightly younger or older. We are open to having male or female vocalist of any race but guys do take note, some of the covers have a damm high pitch (for eg. Helloween). Don't worry too much about difference in genre as long as you love metal in general. The members generally have different favorite genres like some love pure thrash, some love classics and there's the oddball (me) who comes from a J-rock background and generally listens to Korean ballads! :p

Anyone interested please do drop me a PM and we would welcome a jamming session to see how we get along!