mesa boogie Vtwin preamp/V1 bottle rocket

i have the v-twin. If you are into thick mids heavy distortion, you might like it. The overdrive channel is not bad either.

Only thing i didnt really like bout it is the volume increase when you switch from drive to distortion. As a solo boost, it work fine. But if you need a constant volume from drive to distortion, you might be frustrated with the increase in vol.

Whether does it get that recto sound, i am not sure. Most reviews seem to say that its not the same. But for sure, the distortion sounds good, imho
wah how much do u get the pedal for? did u import it ? yeah am looking for tt kinda distortion, i have a tubescreamer, modded 808 now looking for a distortion pedal to accompany, been using the boss mega distortion, now juz looking for sumthing better,...
i got it used. Saw the ads from luthermusic class ads 2 years back

If you are looking a good heavy distortion, maybe can check out sansamp gt-2 or tonebone hot british. I like the gt-2. The other sansamp pedal, tri ac also not bad, just like the gt-2, but more control over the setting
ok then,... yeah well lemme know if u decide to sell it hahaha though tts a remote chance,..thx for advice, ill also try the 2 pedals tt u recommend,..
sum one is offering me a vtwin preamp for 600sgd,... howse the pricing?,.. in the us ebay list from 100-200 usd....
woah, 600sgd, thats quite a lot ah. Imho, somewhere around 400++sgd shud be reasonable....

Not too sure how much a brand new one cost thou