Marshall JCM800 half stack


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Hi all
Letting go this vintage amp. 100watts and its made in the UK in the 1980s, possibly between 1985-1987 and needs no introduction.
It plays and sounds as what it is in the 1980s. Reason for selling is because I don't play it anymore.
The head was obtained from the US about 5 years ago while the cabinet is a 1960A obtained locally.
They are not a "matched" set however they sound perfect together and loud, really loud as it could get.
Testing is available before any purchase, please bring your own guitars and effects to test, no obligations.

Please don't expect the cosmetic condition to be perfect, there are some scuffs and such but in a really good shape considering its age and no repairs needed.
Just pluck in the guitar and play.
SMS/Whatsapp (only) me at 9(818)4754 to deal or discuss.
Asking Price: $3200. Negotiable for serious buyers.
Lots of tube life left, comes with JJ tubes.
Thanks for looking!


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