Malaysia's Band Competition Rhythm of the Champions


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Hey guys, i saw this band competition which was shown 'live' throughout malaysia. Dig this- First prize was $100,000!!! wah man... i wish singapore would have these kinda competitions once in awhile. And judging from the bands that i saw, there definitely are bands in singapore that are of that level even higher. i'm not talking about professional bands or stuff like that, but bands that just get together and play music they like. I mean any bands can join but yet they get national recognition. The finals was at stadium negara man!!! thats like singapore's national stadium or something!! and guess what?? FULL HOUSEE!!! MAN! THE SUPPORT THEY GET IS AMAZING! Hope singapore place more important on band competition. i mean make it a real big event. Although powerjam and stuff like that are going on. but i hope it'll be as big as malaysia's rhythm of the champions.
yeah... singapore should have these kind of huge band competitions where really good bands get their well deserved publicity... I think people like mediacorp can do these stuff... but i think they couldnt be bothered with the local rock music scene... even if they were to organise a band competition, i think it will just be underground...

I just wonder if there can be Singapore Idols on national TV, why can't a local band competition be held in the same way?

the finals was yesterday 'live' on TV2. Shiok siah.!!! how i wish, bands in singapore get as much publicity! What do you guys think??! should the media play a part it letting singaporeans know of other hidden talents? in terms of bands... who knows if we do it the right way... we could get as much support as how much the singapore idols are getting. Although there definitely are better talents than what i see on singapore idol now.. No offense but they are also good. Think of it guys, gals mite start throwing their panties on stage to the cute guitarist... muahaha... anyways.. to me its still about the music not the popularity. Its just a thought anyways...
someone send me an email just, telling me about his rich Malaysian Dato fren having a whole floor in his Shah Alam office building just for young bands to jam and record. Money from CDs sold were donated to charity. That is why the media is willing to support bands because bands have got great support from the rich and famous. Don't blame the media. They need to make a living. What bands can do is not to focus on the negative but continue to make good music by sometimes having to admit and make changes that there is really something not quite right with their works.

There are people out there trying very hard to make good of the music scene, so help them to make it a success.