making an accoustic and electric accoustic?


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I have an accoustic which I want to be played through speakers at parties.

whats the best way to do this?

Can I buy pickups for an accoustic but not drill or mod my guitar in anyway?

Sweelee, Davis, and Yamaha all have different brands of such pickups which attach to the soundhole, that don't require any drilling whatsoever. Unfortunately i can't tell you much about them due to inexperience, but you might wanna recce the above mentioned 3 places and see which is within your budget + good. Good Luck hunting!!!
just put one of those clip mic, those you see newscasters with on their collars in the soundhole. cheapest way. but worst results.

Yeah I'm sure there are those pickups which simply fit directly in the soundhole. not sure of the price. maybe about a hundred, give and take twenty.
I'm sourcing for acoustic mics too, Davis has a pretty professional looking one at just $35. It's fitted in at the soundhole opening, and it's good enough quality. Haven't tried it (am saving for it) but I think I can assume it's almost up to the quality of the sound an electric acous can give.