My guitar knobs are abit stucked, floyd rose area dusty , pick up switch rusty...

i would like to ask, is there a place i can send my guitar to, then the person helped to fix up my guitar? I would like my guitar to be polished, and remove all those rust and dust.. then finally fix my knobs.. is there such a place for maintenance and repairs?
IMHO the dust shud be diy, then send ur guitar to replace ur knobs, pickup switch etc if in need.. makes a more presentable guitar to be worked on (imagine if ur the tech)

try sweelee/mikemann studios/davis/luthermusic/the more popular guitar shops in peninsula?

shudn be too difficult to replace ur knobs urself actualli anyway, guess it's rust that causes ur knobs to bind maybe try spraying some wd40 cleaner in the pots *just dunt get it onto any other parts of the guitar
the dust is diy but.. i dont have those special equipment to reach to some places where cloth or hands could be reached.. example the floyrd rose area where those tiny gaps are..
Sounds like your guitar needs an overhaul and POTs replacement.

This involve stripping of parts down to the floyd rose components to clean and polish.

The control feel stuck due to the POT shaft jamm by corrosion. We normally replace the pots.

The whole process can take about 1/2 a whole day for an experienced guitar tech.

Charges are subjective, for speciality shops should charge you more than a full setup rate for your requirements as stripping will mean a setup being done as part of the service too.
don't use WD40... Use Servisol Contact Cleaner...

WD40, which does not evapourate easily, not only screws up ur electronics badly, but also makes dust collect faster...

Cheap but bad... Tried and tested...