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Lowjk i really need your help. I need to know what speakers these are on this link. It's the studio of Ferry Corsten a famous Trance producer/DJ. I know you know your stuff and i was hoping that you could make out what it is. To me it looks like mackie HR824s but they could be Event 20/20s too. Its a bit dark and far so no probs if you cant but yours is the only judgement i can trust!

Hi Headhunter

It's most likely a Mackie HR824.
1) The shiny reflective bits are where the name and model number are attached on the Mackie. These are absent on the Event.

2) The ratio of the sizes of the tweater and the woofer are closer to that of the Mackie than those of the Event.

Thanx for the confirmation guys. I thought it was!
I was a bit hesitant on getting these as a guy from the www.trance.nu forum who is an JBL engineer and expert on monitors had this to say on the mackies....

"Another note about the HR824's....it 's a great speaker...unless you play em loud. I do tons of testing here at work with all the studio monitors. The HR824 does not have a lot of power. The woofer amp actually delivers fairly low power versus the competition. The worst part about it is that they had to kick in the woofer amp limiter at a lower spl than desired. Also, the limiter is not graceful...the result is that there's a lot of power compression in the woofer as you play the speaker louder (mids an highs keep getting louder but bass maxes out and doesn't get louder). Also the limiter is not the most graceful design and they set the attack pretty long. This is all done to protect the woofer - which probably didn't end up handling as much power as they were counting on when they were designing the speaker. This doesn't mean it's a bad speaker..just a bit squirily when you want to play em loud. They did a great job implementing the passive radiator. It allows the speaker to have very good low end extension - and the transition from the passive radiator to the woofer is seemless. Good speaker - just not at medium/loud listening levels."

which got me thinking a bit but nothing is perfect so if it's good enough for Ferry Corsten, it's good enough for me.
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once again, many thanks lowjk for your help. I really appreciate it.
And sound_designer, thanks too. It kinda helps if you have the same speakers in front of you to compare! :wink: Im envious! btw what kind of music you do and is it good for that kinda music?