love me butch


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anibodi heard of malaysia hardcore band love me butch??? im a big fan of dem... can anibodi tell me where can i get their guitar tabs...??

love reconcile and stumble upon a broken glass..

their performance at baybeats was super great!!!!

there were even fireworks during their performance due 2 de NDP preview..
love me butch rawks....!!!! :D
do a search on the posts.
a user by the name of FUBAR has actively promoted their gigs over here.
One of the best bands i have ever heard :)
Hi small-demon!!

Sorry for such a late reply to ur post.... we've been busy working on a show for another one of our bands. Currently, I don't believe that there are any official tabs available for any of the Love Me Butch albums. You could, however, try dropping them a mail (their contact information is available on [url][/url]) and ask their guitarist (Wing Meng) about the songs ur trying to learn to play. I can tell you that one secret to LMB's unique sound, though, is their use of 'open' guitart tunings when writing their songs!!

You can also check out an interview with the band on our [url][/url]. Take care man!!

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butterfingers and love me butch are awesome.
i wanna get my hands on love my butch's shirt.
anyone knows where i can get one other than online?
anybody goin to Rock the World VII this year?
killer line up lah

our own electrico and force vomit included

plus gems of malaysian bands
Love Me Butch,
Koffin Kanser
Republic of Brickfields,
Broken Scar,
Tempered Mental..

road trip! :p