Looking for Vocalist and EXPERIENCED Rhythm guitarist


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Greetings, everyone.

My name's steven, and my band Paradigm is currently looking for a vocalist and a rhythm guitarist, since we only have a lead guitarist, bassist and drummer as of now. But we have a few requirements before you can actually join us (I know this may sound a bit conceited or whatever, but I've had too many bad experiences in soft without specifying requirements haha).

1) We plan on playing competitions and alot of gigs next year, so if you will be unable to commit next year, please refrain from texting me haha. Also, please don't text me if you don't think you will be able to practice much.

2) Our practices are once a week, either on friday or saturday nights round 7 or 8, so if you're some hardcore clubber or if you can't make it for the practices, sorry bro. Hehe.

3) We play music that revolves around rock and metal, but usually not the conventional stuff. We play more technical, syncopated stuff. Odd time signatures included. If you're still not sure, our regular simple songs are from bands like alter bridge, velvet revolver, metallica, megadeth, but our harder, more technical songs are from dream theater, periphery, john petrucci, liquid tension experiment, paul gilbert's spaceship one album, and many others. So if you're not interested in genres like this, mai text. hahaha.

4) A few things my lead and bassist have added in :

Rhythm guitarist need to be able to: Play lead occasionally, must be passionate, must own a tuner (yeah he doesn't like to lend his tuner lol) and MOST IMPORTANTLY: MUST BE OPEN MINDED.

5) More than skill, we're looking for people who can gel with us, musically as well as generally. We don't want leisure players, we plan on participating and winning competitions next year, so we need you to have the PASSION. haha.

6) Vocalist should be able to sing the songs mentioned below. If you can sing these ones, you should be able to sing anything we're gonna play haha. Also, you will be the frontman of the band, so don't join if you're shy or have no charisma. Hehe. We need you to have stage presence as well as vocal versatility.

6) If you're planning to try jamming with us, check out these 3 songs that we'll be playing in our first jam : Blackbird, Metalingus - Alter bridge, and As I Am - Dream Theater.

If you think you fit the bill, or would at least like to try jamming with us, text me, Steven, at 83385955. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :)