Looking for temporary Guitarist ($ paid performance) for wednesdays (URGENT)!


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Hello Softies I'm looking out for A Guitarist that can perform every Wednesdays @ Clarke Quay Sailors Near Robertson Quay Hotel. The concept is Strollers which means youd be playing Raw with no amps to support So its Acoustic. If you can do simple ramba to make a little percussion it will be a plus,bossa will be good otherwise just be able to handle raggae would do. Not all the songs in my rep is entirely latin so dont worry theres also some common Evergreen,oldies,Mainstreem,Raggae.Able to do some solo's transpose would be great.

My names Nick Paine i'm the vocalist and I do not take any commision And im down to earth Honest and fun to work with 3 sets Going at $60 per head paid after performance. Not much but hey

I'll have many more deals in future so if your keen after working with me temporary your welcome to join my group with better wages as i'm also looking for a players to work with.. Kahoonist,Guitarist enough for semi acoustic sets.
Closing Date is 6th December. call me at 65266718